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Icedent Dental Floss Pack

Flossing with dental floss is an excellent way to prevent cavities.
Many people have at least picked up a piece of dental floss, and have even tried to use it. But few people floss regularly.

Why is that?

Simply because the first attempt makes people not want to try again. Remember, first you have to carefully measure a piece of floss, then, practically shredding the floss in your hands, awkwardly loop it around your fingers, trying to get it securely anchored, and then, finally, it turns out that the piece you cut is too short, as usual...


After trying two or three times, most people give up on this essential part of hygiene and go on comforting themselves with the illusion that an ordinary toothbrush will solve all their problems. But that is a big mistake!

We offer a product for people who want to protect their health without wasting a lot of time and nervous energy.

ICEDENT dental flossis easy and convenient to use. Without even thinking about it, you can open the package in a single motion, and a pre-cut, optimal length of dental floss installs perfectly, ready for use. That’s all there is to it! dental floss is made for the dynamic 21st century.

If you care about your health and value your time and image, try our dental floss and see for yourself: ICEDENT is what you need!

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