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Dental floss in a box is in constant contact with the air, which can cause contamination and change its properties. The hermetically sealed packet provides prolonged protection against any chemical or biological changes in the dental floss or
The dental floss unavoidably becomes contaminated by contact with hands. Used as directed, the portion of the dental floss that comes in direct contact with the teeth and oral cavity tissues is completely guaranteed against contamination.
Anchoring the floss securely on the fingers requires an extra-long piece, causing the total amount used each time to be double the length needed for flossing. Anchoring the floss securely by the end holders eliminates the need for wrapping it around the fingers, thus reducing several-fold the amount of floss used per flossing.
It is very difficult to hold the dental floss with wet hands or after using hand lotion. With its end holders, the dental floss can be held securely and used in the ergonomically best way, regardless of the condition of the hands.
Due to the inevitable imprecision of measuring by eye, the cut piece of dental floss is not always the right length, making it necessary to cut more than one piece. The dental floss is packaged one piece at a time, each of them precut to the optimal length, so that putting it to use always gives the same result.
If needed, the floss can be used to tie books together, hang laundry, or fly a kite. Using this dental floss for other than its intended purpose is possible, but
Tel: +7 (916) 257-42-23 Tel: +7 (901) 578-18-15 E-mail: dent@icedent.com